Financial Services Department


Profile of Mr. Mthethunzima Mkatu - Chief Financial Officer

Mr. M. Mkatu has vast experience in finance and he started working in the finance environment in the then defunct Transkei Road Transport Corporation where he occupied various positions the last of which was a Regional Accountant in 1995. He left Sisonke District Municipality in 2004 where he worked as a Chief Accountant and Director: Income and Expenditure. He joined Ntabankulu Local Municipality as a Chief Financial Officer in 2007 as well as Alfred Nzo District Municipality in 2009 as a Chief Financial Officer. Currently he is Chief Financial Officer for Harry Gwala District Municipality. His main focus will be on establishing and maintain short term and long term financial sustainability through implementing its fundamental pillars which are financial governance, financial planning, financial administration and financial accountability.


Chief Financial Officer

 Mr. Mthethunzima Mkatu