Honourable District Mayor's Foreword

Hon-Mayor-Cllr-M.E-Ndobe Custom

I wish to extend my greetings to all the inhabitants of Harry Gwala District Municipality.
May I take this golden opportunity to wholeheartedly thank the people of Harry Gwala
District for their overwhelming support to the ruling party in the recent general elections.
Indeed our community stakeholders such as our traditional leaders (Amakhosi) under
the leadership of uNdabezitha Inkosi uChiliza, Religious Leaders (Abefundisi), during the
welcoming ceremony of the 20 years of Freedom Flame, Sukuma Sakhe stakeholders
and all government departments that had a meaningful contribution in the activities that
preceded elections, with special emphasis on the FREEDOM FLAME that was
circulating throughout the District, deserve a round of applause for the support that was
rendered.The flame symbolized the dawn of freedom 20 years ago after centuries of
dark days of apartheid and colonialism that was characterized by subjugation,
discrimination and suppression of the majority.

As we were celebrating our twenty years of Freedom and Democracy, an opportunity was
presented for all South Africans,the African continent and the entire world through
international recognition, to join in telling “A GOOD STORY”.It is a fact that our
democratically elected government has gone quite far in addressing the imbalances of the
past. We can never forget our leaders who hardly fought for the freedom we are enjoying today.
Amongst the many that we hold in high esteem is Solomon Mahlangu, a brave young
man who went defiantly to the gallows in 1979, where he was executed at the age of 23.
“My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of Freedom. Tell my people that I
love them. They must continue to fight”….were amongst his utterances that we remember
and hold with high esteem.

We have been able to overcome most of the pain of the past and have built a new society.
We have formed a unitary, nonracial, non-sexist democratic State, answerable to and
representative of all South Africans. It is a fact, that Freedom among other gains has
brought gender equality. The representation of women in public institutions has increased
considerably since the dawn of Freedom. I am proud to indicate that in all our municipalities,

there are women occupying strategic senior positions.

May I congratulate the entire new leadership of government starting with the President,
his team of ministers, the Premier of the Kwa-Zulu Natal Province and his team of
MEC”s and all newly elected members of Parliament and members of the Provincial
Legislature. I wish to assure them that they all have our unwavering support.

We are currently working on issues raised by His Excellency, the President of the country, in
his State of the Nation Address as well as the Premier, in his State of the Province address.
Our priorities, to mention but a few amongst many, as the Harry Gwala District family of
municipalities, include the creation of job opportunities, the eradication of poverty as we
declare poverty as our public enemy number one. In this regard we have established the
Harry Gwala Development Agency for Local Economic Development Programmes.

Our focus is also on youth development programmes as we acknowledge young people as the future
of our District and the country as whole. We acknowledge the potential that our young people
have in this District and as a result, we have launched the Harry Gwala District Youth Council that
has to co-ordinate all youth development initiatives and promote the interests of young people
within the District.

The Harry Gwala District Municipality Council further commits itself to the delivery of quality
basic services to our people. On the 29 May 2014, we adopted our Budget for the 2014/2015 financial
year and the Integrated Development Plan.

It is through this strategic document that we shall continue to provide bulk infrastructure, i.e.
water and sanitation to the communities.

We are determined as a District to do everything in our power to implement the following Water Scheme
projects : Bulwer to Nkelabantwana to Nkumba, Greater Kilmon water scheme, KwaNomandlovu Water
Project, Mangwaneni Water Supply, Mbhulelweni Water Supply, Horseshoe sanitation project, Makhoba
Housing project, Pakkies water extension- Phase 2,Enhlanhleni Water Project, Underberg Bulk water
supply upgrade-Phase 2, Chibini water Supply, Ncakubana Water Project, Thubalethu Water Supply,
Ufafa Water Supply, Umkhunya Water projects, Mnqumeni Water Supply, Greater Summerfield and
KwaMeyi- Teakloof Water Scheme.

May I take this opportunity to join hands with the country in congratulating Bongumusa Mthembu, the
winner of the Comrades Marathon for the year 2014. In the same vein, may I also acknowledge the couching
and mentoring role of Willy Mtolo who has contributed to this great achievement of Bongumusa Mthembu.

In conclusion, I wish to assure our people that as Harry Gwala District Municipality, we commit
ourselves to continue delivering quality basic services, we will continue to replace ageing
water infrastructure and to continue providing decent sanitation.

Thank you.

His Worship the Mayor, Cllr. M.E. Ndobe