Current Tenders

Advert - Infrastructure Projects 2018
Advert- Advanced Driving 2017
Readvert- Kilmon Rural Horse Riding Transport
Advert- Kilmon rural horse riding 2017
Advert-Kilmon rural horse riding transport 2017
Advert-Kilmon rural horse riding marquee 2017
Advert-Diaries and calendar 2018
Advert-Training for SHE REP's 2017
Advert-Travel Agent 2017
Advert-Signage 2017
Advert-SALGA games apparel
Advert-Plumbing material 2017
Advert-Marathon Coordinator 2018
Advert- Leasing of property Kokstad
Advert- Infrastructure projects 2017
Advert- Fire extinguishers 2017
Advert-Debtors data cleansing
Advert- Advertising agent 2017
Advert- Transport for indigenous games
Re-Advert Board of Directors of the Harry Gwala Development Agency