Current Tenders

Servicing of fire extinguishers
Supervisory skills training for area managers, superintended and plumbers
Co-ordination of media tour
Provision of incidental investigation training
Advert - Infrastructure Projects 2019 August
REAdvert - Printing of Newspaper 2019
REAdvert - Printing & Stationery 2019
Advert - Infrastructure Projects 2019 June
Advert - Printing and Stationery
Advert - Annual Contracts 2019
RE-Advert - Portraits
RE-Advert - Media Tour
RE-Advert - Fire Suppression System
Advert - Loudhailers
Advert 06 - 2019 Supply, Delivery, Installation of ICT Equipment
Harry Gwala District Municipality
Advert 05-2019 Supply, Delivery, Installation and Testing of Fire Suppression System at Kokstad Backup Server Room
Advert - Technical Support
Advert - Auctioneer