Current Tenders 2018 - 2019

Advert for Woodwork
Advert - Printing of newsletter 2019
Advert - Infrastructure Projects 2019
Advert - 2 SUV
Advert-Stationery 2019
Advert - Cleaning material
Advert - Building Maintenance Erratum
Advert- Building Maintenance
Advert-Marathon Coordinator 2019
Advert - Water and Sanitation Plant
Advert-ICT Professional Services
Supply_Delivery_Design_Print and Installation of Portraits
Supply and Delivery of Calendars and Diaries
Supply and Delivery of Apparels for the Municipal Golden Games
Provision of Transport for the Municipal Golden Games
Co-ordinator for Media Tour
Fire Extinguishers and Fire Detectors
SHE Representatives, First Aiders and Supervisors Training
Public Participation Skills Programme