Communications Unit

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The Communications division was established in order to improve the image of the Municipality both internal and externally. The main objectives of the division are to:

  • Position Harry Gwala District Municipality( HGDM) programmes as the primary vehicle for coordination and integration in eradicating poverty.
  • Encourage public participation in the affairs of the Municipality
  • Create platform for communication between the Municipality and its citizens.
  • Improve working relations with other stakeholders in service delivery
  • Improve intergovernmental Relations by synergising government programmes.
  • Communicate progress and share insights into the impact of these programmes.
  • Strengthen working relations with the media



The nature of communication is both proactive and reactive. Proactive communication includes the followings:

  • Identifying and acting communication opportunities
  • Releasing media statements before the event.
  • Researching and evaluating communication programmes.

Reactive communication includes

  • Responding to negative media reporting
  • Answering media queries
  • Formulating media engagement plan during crisis



The municipal newsletter is produced quarterly and it is circulated in public. It is used as the communication tool between HGDM and its various clients. Other publications include IDP, Annual report etc.




A number of campaigns are undertaken to communicate the municipality’s functionality. These include days of national importance, water weeks celebration, Disaster management, clean up campaigns, Mayoral Izimbizo etc.


Media engagement

Harry Gwala District municipality is receiving positive media coverage. The Mayor has a once Radio slot where he communicates municipal programmes on Ukhozi FM throughout the year. The media is taken into a tour on quarterly basis. During this tour strategic projects are visited. HGDM also enjoy positive publicity through this tour. Media is briefed on monthly basis about the progress of the Municipality in terms of service delivery.