Employment Equity Policy


The objective of this policy is to continuously create an environment that permits equal opportunity for advancement, in order to redress past imbalances and to ameliorate the conditions of individuals and groups who have been previously disadvantaged on the grounds of race, gender and disability.


The goal of employment equity action in the Municipality is to create an equitable organisation and to build an environment that supports and enables those who have been historically disadvantaged by unfair discrimination to fulfil their maximum potential and to enhance organisational performance. In keeping with its policy of fair and equitable employment practices, Municipality reaffirms its commitment to comply fully with the spirit and requirements of the Employment Equity Act to the strategic advantage of our business.

Municipality will take active steps to:

      1. Ensure fair, non-discriminatory practices which respect the rights and dignity of all its employee irrespective of colour, race, gender or disability;
      2. Remove any potentially discriminatory practices that may be identified;
      3. Ensure that employees at all levels are suitably qualified or have the potential to meet the intrinsic requirements of the job;
      4. Ensure that employees are allowed to realise their full potential, within the capacity of the Municipality, and are advanced and rewarded on merit;
      5. Transform the demographic profile of the workforce to reflect better the local and national profile.
      6. Introduce positive action plans to accelerate the advancement of employees from designated groups.
      7. Municipality endeavours to:
  • Develop numeric targets annually for hiring, training, promoting and retaining employees who are the prime beneficiaries for this policy as set out in the Employment Equity Act;
  • Develop and introduce measures that support these employees advancement; and
  • Inculcate a culture that values diversity and supports the affirmation of those who have previously been unfairly disadvantaged within our society and also as a result within the Municipality.

Communication And Consultation

In compliance with the Employment Equity Act, the Municipality will:

  • Communicate this policy to all employees;
  • Ensure optimum understanding;
  • Establish a representative Employment Equity Committee/Project Team to manage and facilitate conducting of audits, and the drawing and implementation of the EE Plan;
  • Consult and communicate throughout the process as required by the Act.