Leave Policy


The objective of this policy is to regulate all forms of leave that are accrued and due to employees as a benefit, and to outline procedures to be followed for the granting and taking of such leave. Policy provisions apply to all employees, that is, permanent employees.


The following leave policy procedures will apply:

All employees are entitled to twenty four (24) working days annual paid leave (excluding weekends), Municipal Manager and Head of Departments are entitled to thirty (30) working annual leave paid leave.

  • For the purposes of calculating leave, the statutory paid public holidays will not be regarded as working days
  • In the event of an illness or other unforeseeable circumstances, it is the responsibility of the employee to notify their supervisor before 09h00 on the date of absence or, where possible, before then;
  • Absence from work without approval and/or without a valid reason shall be regarded as Absence Without Official Leave (AWOL) and therefore a misconduct to be dealt with in terms of the disciplinary procedure
  • Leave will be calculated from the date of engagement
  • Employees will not accrue full annual leave benefits whilst absent from work on sick leave, maternity leave or paternity leave which extends beyond the normal maximum of such leave, except in the case of extended absence due to injury during the course of their duties
  • The Municipality encourages employees to take all leave that is due to them. The Municipality allows employees to carry over a maximum of five (5) days of leave per year. Employees need to be aware that when they leave the Municipality, leave not taken up to a maximum of five (5) days accrued per year will be paid out