Permanent Employment Policy


The objective of this policy is to outline policy guidelines for the recruitment and selection of permanent employees.


Vacancies for permanent employment within the organisation will be filled by the most suitable candidates, with special preference being given to those that were previously disadvantaged.

1.1 Recruitment Sources

  • Recruitment activities are dependent on the Municipality's human capital requirements and key organisational competencies;
  • The choice of media for recruitment purposes should comply with the requirements of the Labour Relations Act, 1995;
  • Internal sources of recruitment must receive priority as it is cost-effective, in accordance with career pathing, and serves as motivation for all employees within the Municipality;
  • External recruitment may be undertaken by means of advertisements. Where necessary, Municipality shall use the services of the recruitment agencies who subscribe to Employment Equity principles and reflect this commitment through their practices; and
  • External employment advertisements shall be open to all members of the public and a suitable range of the press media will be used in targeting the desired audience. However, Municipality will use media that will best reach the targeted audience.

General Guidelines

  • Canvassing by job applicants or any other person on behalf of a job applicant, for the posts within the Municipality is prohibited and evidence thereof will disqualify the applicant for consideration for appointment.
  • The purpose of the interview should be made clear to the applicant. The interviewing panel shall be responsible for ensuring that applicants are given the opportunity to ask questions in respect of job requirements, output requirements, support structures, the conditions of employment associated with the job and career prospects which may stem from employment with the Municipality.
  • Interviews shall be concluded in an atmosphere that is designed to make the applicant feel at ease and free of any intimidation and patronising attitudes.
  • Interview questions shall focus on the requirements of the job and shall not have any element of discrimination as defined by Schedule 7 of the Labour Relations Act. An adequate summary of the interview session should be

recorded for all positions.

  • On request, internal unsuccessful candidates should be debriefed as to their strengths and weaknesses in relation to the position applied for and be counselled about further career opportunities. Should any member of the interview panel have a personal interest or bias regarding the outcome of any interview session, such member should disclose and later withdraw from participating in that interview session.
  • In all stages, timeous and appropriate feedback must be given to all the interested parties.

Recruitment Procedures

Municipality will adhere to the following guidelines and procedures:

1.2 Employment of Family Members, Relatives And Having Intimate Relationships


The objective of this policy is to outline guidelines regarding the recruitment and selection of family members, relatives and having intimate relations within the Municipality.


The practice of assigning a position with the responsibility to supervise or evaluate a family member and/or relative or someone with whom there exists an intimate relationship is discouraged. It is the responsibility of all employees to disclose to Human Resources of the existence of any such relationship. When such a situation exist, the family member and/or relative or an employee with whom they have an intimate relationship, may be transferred to another functional area within the organisation.

  • Similarly, if an employee later becomes related to another employee or an intimate relationship develops involving a person under their direct supervision, Human Resources should address the situation by means of an internal transfer within the organisation if possible.
  • However, each individual case will be examined and treated on its own merit by Human Resources.