Municipalities are guided by various legislations and policies which have been carefully considered whilst compiling this document. Amongst these legislations is the Municipal Systems Act (MSA), (Act no 32 of 2000); the Municipal Finance Management Act of 2003. Chapter 5 of the Municipal Systems Act specifies that each municipal council must, within a prescribed period after the start of its elected term, adopt a single, inclusive and strategic plan for the development of the municipality, which:

Links, integrates and co-ordinates plans and takes into account proposals for the development of the municipality; 
Aligns the resources and capacity of the municipality with the implementation of the IDP; Forms the policy framework and general basis on which annual budgets must be based; and Is compatible with national and provincial development plans and planning requirements binding on the municipality in terms of the legislation.

Click on the pdf below for the comprehensive IDP document of Harry Gwala Municipality and the Local Municipalities:

Draft 2023-2024 IDP MARCH 31
DC43 2022-2027 Draft Integrated Development Plan
Harry Gwala District Municipality IDP Final 20212022
20192020 HGDM Annual Report
Public Notice - Mid year report
Dc43_harry Gwala District Municipality Mid Term Performance Assessment Report
Oversight Report 2018-2019 HGDM
2021-2022 Framework and Process Plan Advert
20202021 SDBIP Public Notice
2018-2019 IDP (June)
Draft IDP and Revised SDBIP Notice
2016-2017 Oversight Report Public Notice
2016-2017 Annual Report Notice
2017-2022 Final Draft HGDM IDP
Oversight Report advert for Harry Gwala Development Agency