Current Tenders

Advert - Supply & Delivery of Apparels for the Golden Games
Advert - Sports & Special Programs Coordinator 2018
Advert - Public Participation
Advert - Provision of Transport for the Golden Games
Advert - Protocol Training for Councillors & Traditional Healers
Advert - Pre-Plumbers Trade Test
Advert - Plumbers Trade Test
Advert - Media Tour 2018
Advert -Intermediate Computer Training
Advert-Fire Extinguishers 2018
Advert - Basic Computer Training
Advert Infrastructure Projects 2018 June
Advert- Infrastructure projects 2018 May
Advert-Stripping and Re-installation of WI-FI Network
Advert- Supply, Delivery and Installation of Carport
Advert- SCM training 2018
Advert- Electrical and Mechanical
Advert-Leasing of vehicles
Advert-Infrastructure projects 2018