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Harry Gwala District Municipality in partnership with Umngeni Water brought hope to young business owners

Harry Gwala District Youth Summit

Mayoral Intervention Team Visit in KwaSokhela, Ubuhlebezwe LM

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Harry Gwala District Municipality


                                        2019/20 Budget report



The Harry Gwala District Municipality firmly commits itself to applying a ‘zero tolerance’ approach to fraud and to deal equally with officials, councillors and persons from outside of the Municipality, found to be engaged in fraudulent activities.

Report suspicions on the National Anti-Corruption Hotline 0800 701 701.


 Overview of the Harry Gwala District Municipality (Who we are?) 

The Harry Gwala District Municipality is located to the South West of the KwaZulu-Natal province. Its population is sparsely spread throughout an area of 11 127. 89997 square kilometers. The Harry Gwala District municipality forms part of the border between KwaZulu-Natal and Eastern Cape Province. The District Management Area (DMA) is located to the West of the District and it forms part of the border between the KwaZulu-Natal Province and Lesotho. The Harry Gwala District Municipality (DC43) is composed of the following five local municipalities: Ubuhlebezwe; Ingwe; Kwa-Sani; Greater Kokstad and Umzimkhulu.

 Local municipalities that make up Harry Gwala District Munipality


 Vision, goals, objectives and strategies 

By 2030 Harry Gwala District Municipality will be a leading water services provider in the KZN Province with its communities benefitting from a vibrant agriculture and tourism sector.

Mission Statement

Working together with its communities and stakeholders Harry Gwala District Municipality will ensure the provision of clean, drinkable uninterrupted water services and proper sanitation facilities and strive to improve its agriculture and tourism sectors to enhance human dignity.

Core Values

  1. Transparency
  2. Accountability
  3. Consultation
  4. Commitment and
  5. Honesty
Goals     Objectives
Target 10 of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is to “have by 2015 the proportion of people without sustainable access to safe drinking water and basic sanitation”.    To improve the coverage, quality, efficiency, and sustainability of water and sanitation services in all urban and rural communities

- By implementing Bulk regional Water Supply Schemes.

- By implementing the localized based rural sanitation plan.



  1. Demographic Profile
  2. Wards

The total population of Harry Gwala District Municipality is 461 419. The District has 4 Local Municipalities,Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma( Ingwe, KwaSani), Greater Kokstad, UMzimkhulu and UBuhlebezwe.


Population Distribution per Local  Municipality Population size


Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini- Zuma Municipality  113 446
UBuhlebezwe Local Municipality 101 691
Umzimkhulu Local Municipality 180 302
Greater Kokstad Local Municipality 65 981
 Harry Gwala District Municipality 461 419

Number of Wards and Traditional Authority



Number of Wards

KwaSani Local Municipality 4
Greater Kokstad Local Municipality 8
Ingwe Local Municipality 11
UBuhlebezwe Local Municipality 12
Umzimkhulu Local Municipality 20


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