The Significance of the Logo

What informs and inspires the logo

The logo designs drawn from our Provincial and District symbols. They seek to include all, whilst representing and cementing the authority of the District Municipality. Other sources of motivation and inspiration used and considered are symbols that are established and relevant to our history and Heritage, as well as symbols that stand for and seek to promote unity in the District. Key to the various sources of inspiration was the adoption and use of elements that are relevant and appropriate, to take forward the District Municipality. This will give the District a new and refreshed identity.


Logo Custom



  • Black: The ethnic majority of the people of South Africa
  • Green: The land, both its flora & fauna
  • Gold: Natural value that the people yield from the land for sustenance
  • Cow: Agriculture, in particular milk production
  • Rock Art: Historical Khoisan people
  • Hat: Indigenous Sotho people
  • Beads: Signify unity, enclosing everyone
  • Blue Swallow: Endangered species unique to the District
  • Drakensberg: Mountain range indigenous to the District
  • Shield with knobkerrie & spear: Indigenous Zulu people
  • Tobacco Pipes: Indigenous Xhosa people